xmscore  1.0



xmscore is a support library for xms libraries and products.



The code is distributed under the FreeBSD Software License. (See accompanying file LICENSE or copy at http://www.aquaveo.com/bsd/LICENSE.txt).


This library is available as a python module. See Python Documentation


The code has numerous unit tests which use the CxxTest framework. A good way to see how to use the code is to look at the unit tests. Unit tests are located at the bottom of .cpp files within a "#if CXX_TEST" code block. Header files that are named with ".t.h" contain the test suite class definitions.

The Code


  • "xms" - Most code is in this namespace. The use of other namespaces is kept to a minimum. Two-letter prefixes are used as "pseudo-namespaces" in code modules. Preprocessor macros typically start with "XM_" to prevent name collisions.
  • "xmt" - Testing code will be put into this namespace once CXX_TEST is upgraded such that it will find the testing code in this namespace.

"xmscore" Name

The name "xmscore" comes from the "XMS" (GMS, SMS, WMS) water modeling software created by Aquaveo.